POWER PROPAGANDA PRODUCTION is the title of the new MILITIA album which will be released by the Belgian record label

NEUROPA RECORDS  www.neuropa.be

At this point, all recordings are finished and we completed the editing, mixing and mastering of all 11 tracks. We’re working on the album’s cover: a hard carbon box with 8 pages booklet.

Nikolay Saveliev from New York is dealing with the artworks regarding CD cover and booklet. You can admire his work looking at:



You can allready hear 2 tracks when visiting us at




A Kite of Glass in a Blood Red Sky

The Final Level 

Recordings were done at the BAT PRODUCTIONS RECORDING recording studio in Diepenbeek, Belgium: www.batproductions.be

Editing, mixing and mastering were done at the MILITIA music studio in Bilzen, Belgium:


Track titles:

  • A New Statement
  • Üb  immer Treu und Redlichkeit
  • A Kite of Glass in a Blood Red Sky
  • The Undeniable Power of the Proletariat
  • Power to the People
  • Power, Propaganda and Production
  • The Conquest of Steel
  • Abrupt Climate Change
  • Cash Crash and Crisis
  • The Liquidation of Hebron
  • The Final Level





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