MILITIA is a Belgian industrial  percussion band, founded in 1989 by multi instrumentalists Frank Gorissen and Jo Billen. Most of their percussion instruments are made out of oil barrels, old metal parts from cars, machines and scrap material. They combine these self made instruments with conventional drums, toms and cymbals. The band members also play a variety of wind instruments (self made and others) and tools. Their show is completed with the projection of documentary films and slides.
The band members are:

Frank Gorissen: tapes, electronics, wind instruments, percussion, vocals
Paul Mommers: percussion
Jérôme Opbroek: percussion
Diana Tummers: percussion
Renée van Dalsen: percussion



Address: Cuvelierstraat 13 A

3740 Bilzen- Rijkhoven




Support and assisting:

Sandra Janssen

Tom Hox

Record Label:

Subterra Records label


mail to: frank[at]

Subterra Studio: subterra[at]

mobile phone: 0032 478 56 86 84

Militia on You Tube

MILITIA live at DE BAROEG in Rotterdam/ Holland